PP & HnD @ MALLORCA 13-20.07.2016 - Validation Party

This is a Premium Validation Event *  This feature is only available to Couples & Single Females

All SpicyMatch Members who attend this Event will receive our Premium Validation.


Party Spicy, piquant and Castle Hot n Dirty Events present:


From 07/13/2016 to 07/20/2016 it means for the 6th time: holiday, sun, fun, sea and more like-minded people ...

Since 2010, about 150 attractive & sexy couples meet on the sunny island of Majorca, to experience a special week.

The program:

13:07. Wednesday or Thursday: individual arrival

14:07 Thursday Welcome Evening, Event Finca in Porto Colom, from about 19:00

15:07 Friday THE catamaran, Port of Alcudia, 15:30 to about 20:30

16:07 Saturday, the BIG wild PP and HND Dance PARTY, Event finca near Porto Colom

17:07 Sunday FREE FREE FREE recover * g * and forces gather on the beach, in the hotel, in your Finca

18:07 Monday party in swingers club: Elixir de Fuego, Can Pastilla in Palma

19:07 Tuesday, chill and grill by the pool from 14 o'clock noon at the pool, then broil and final Midnight Pool Night and nude swimming, Event finca near Porto Colom

19:07 Tuesday, chill and grill by the pool from 14 o'clock noon at the pool, then broil and final Midnight Pool Night and nude swimming, Event finca near Porto Colom

(Subject to change at short notice)


Individual arrival! Flights and accommodation booked each according to their individual needs by you.

In the event Finca are 6 rooms available, from 12:07 to 21:07 from 16 hours of arrival to 11am departure. (7 max. 9 nights) Breakfast can optionally be booked additionally

We have more private finca double rooms and villas complete 2-10 people by the hand and help in finding love

In Hotel Ole Vistamar and JP Cape Colom, both in Porto Colom, in 2015 some guests have come under, from there we offer shuttle during the events.

You decide whether you may arrive earlier or stay longer. Your booked independently a flight.

Prices (see untern on tickets)

When large Finca party on Sat 07/16/2016 and the club Party in Elixir de Fuego on Monday 18/07/2016 the price is a all.incl. Price, so all offered) drinks and a cold / warm buffet are included.

For all other parties there is an entrance fee, drinks and food goes here at moderate prices now.

Willkommem in Mallorca!

Info and Disclaimer:

"Organizer" or "contractor" means in any activity, or services, and the respective local "vendors" on the spot. We organize and coordinate only the group and available as contact persons on site, in return for years of loyalty in Germany. There are no additional costs for us.

The optional activities are paid by you directly with local providers. There are no additional costs other than the local provider. According to our information, all Spanish companies (Event Finca, catamaran, swingers club) the required licenses and are classified as serious. As always in the "South" especially Spain / Mallorca there but it is not 100% guaranteed, therefore participate at your own risk.

The photos are original pictures of the event Finca

Solo men only in appropriate number to the solo ladies, or solo gentlemen must (recognizable face and figure) "apply" with 2 photos if no meaningful photos of your face AND figure in profile yet, please send an email: e-mail address is In profile. In solo gentlemen we DO NOT accept anonymous login. Images are treated 100% anonymous.

Party Spicy and Hot n Dirty Events: Our concept: Events for sophisticated, young and young at heart, attractive, clean, sleek and visually pleasing guests! From 18 J to "perceived" 45 J. with max. 10% exceptions.


Τύπος Κατηγορία Availability Price
14.07.2016 Welcome ! Event Finca Porto Colom - per person 40 10,00
15.07.2016 Katamaran Tour, Port Alcudia - per person Sold Out 60,00
16.07.2016 Finca Party, Proto Colom - per person 38 60,00
18.07.2016 Swinger-Club Party, Can Pastilla/Palma - per person 40 40,00
19.07.2016 Pool-Chill-Day and Closing Pool Party, Porto Colom - p. person 40 20,00
Kombi-Ticket All Events - per person Sold Out 175,00
Kombi Ticket - All Events - per person Full Members only 50 175,00