More sw beaches in Croatia?

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Κυριακή 21 Μαΐου 2017

Do you know any other beaches than Punta Kriz?

You can find hundreds of articles about sex tourism and "many hidden beaches" good for swingers in Croatia, but then they always talk only about Punta Kriz in Rovinj.

Have you visited any other places there and can you tell us more? Thanks, hvala :)

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We don't want to hijack the post but join the question. We are also interested in something other then Punta Kriza

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there are many FKK beaches and camps, but we want information if there is also some sex there

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Firstly tu2tu, compliments on an incredibly sexy profile, she is gorgeous! Secondly we are also interested in swinger friendly beaches in Dubrovnik as we will be there in June. Would love to bump into you on the beach