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Upscale events in various European locations focused on hedonism, pleasure, fun and seduction. We play with sex, we play with sensations, we play with each other. Our ultimate goal is pleasure, both mental and physical and our tools to achieve it are intelligence, physical and mental beauty, art and playfulness.

Margarita Pleasures focus on quality: we care to avoid excessive numbers of couples participating and all guests are confirmed just after an initial screening: please excuse us if not everyone is allowed to join, as both intelligence and style are a requirement for all participants. Playful, intelligent and stylish couples are in the centre of the attention, with handpicked singles allowed to spice the atmosphere and to spread pleasure and climax.

Events are often multi-layered and multi-days that welcome one-night guests on chosen dates.

The main goal in pleasure. And Margarita knows how to deliver it.




Membership type Invite only
Average attendance 80 persons
Average price 150€
Alcohol available Included
Food available Included
Accommodation included Sometimes
Wellness facilities Sometimes

Other specialities

Upscale, elegant erotic environments and sexy mood.

Themed parties Yes
Club takeovers Yes
Hotel/Resort takeovers Yes